Register Photo Backup dialog box

Allows you to buy or register Photo Backup.


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Click this button if you want to continue your evaluation of Photo Backup.

First name

Enter your first name.

Last name

Enter your last name.


Type your email address. This information is required. Make sure that this information is correct. OntheGoSoft emails your activation code to this email address. You can then click the Buy Now button to purchase Photo Backup.

Already purchased software

Select this check box if you have already paid for Photo Backup. You must enter your activation code in the next box.

Purchase receipt/activation code

Enter the activation code that you received in email. You can copy and paste the code into this box. In the email, select the code and press CTRL + C on the keyboard. Click the Purchase receipt/activation code box and press CTRL + V on the keyboard. This places the activation code in the box.

Buy Now

Click this button if you want to purchase Photo Backup.  A web page opens, allowing you to enter information to buy the software.

important Important

You must have an active Internet connection for this feature to work.

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