Creating an index

Right after you back up your photos, you can make an index CD to protect your archive information. If you lose your hard drive, you also lose your Photo Backup archive file. An index CD allows you to easily restore your photos and photo archive to the new hard drive.

The index CD gives you information about where each photo is stored. You can view the index in a web browser, without opening Photo Backup. To view the index, you can click the View Index button in the main window. You can find a file quickly and easily with the list in the index.

To create an index, you can insert a CD in the drive and click the Index CD button. When you do this, Photo Backup stores your archive information in the index. The software also copies the archive file (.pdb) to the index CD.

If you lose your hard drive, you can copy the index file back to your computer, re-install Photo Backup, and view your archive again. When you do this, all photos appear with a blue label, showing that you can restore them to the hard drive.

tip Tip

After you back up your photos, you can consider creating a duplicate CD to protect your most critical data.

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