Working with multiple archives

By default, Photo Backup works with a single archive. When you close Photo Backup, the software saves changes to the archive automatically, without prompting you. The archive is saved with a default name: PhotoBackup. This is useful if you want to work with only one archive, such as your family collection of photos. When working with one archive, you can consider organizing photos in albums.

If you want to work with more than one archive, Photo Backup helps you manage them. For example, if you want to organize photos for different clients and keep them on different CDs, you use different archives that are named after each client. To do this, you click File > Enable Multiple Archives. You can then create new archives when you click File > New Archive.

When you click that command, Photo Backup prompts you to select from a list of archives when you open the software. The software also prompts you to save changes to the current archive. If you do not save changes to the archive when you close the software, Photo Backup does not remember the changes you made the next time you open the archive.

If you do not want to work with different archives, you can clear File > Enable Multiple Archives to turn off the feature.

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