Show photos in the main window

Click one of the following methods for instructions on how to show photos in the main window.

Show photos in an archive folder

Show photos on a CD or DVD

Show photos saved on certain dates

Show photos in an album

tip Tips

You can also accomplish the previous steps by selecting commands on the View > Arrange by menu.
To show or hide photos in the current view based on their backup status, click View > Display Filter >Show only Files without Backup. Or, click View > Display Filter >Show only Files that Were Removed from the Hard Drive.
By default, the main window displays all photos within a selected item in the tree, including the sub-items. For example, if the tree shows folders, the main windows displays all photos within the selected folder and sub-folders. To show only the photos in the selected folder, without the sub-folders, click View > Display Filter > Show Only the Files in the Selected Directory.

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Showing photos in the main window

Arrange By command (View menu)

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