Erase CD command (Tools menu)

Removes photos from backup disks. When you insert a disk in a drive and select this command, the Erase CD dialog box allows you to select from a list of media drives. The main window for Photo Backup disappears from the desktop during the erase process. The Photo Backup - Erasing box displays the progress of the erase process.

Erase CD dialog box

After you erase backup disks, you might want to remove the backup disks from the archive by setting options on the Manage Archives tab. To do this, you open the archive and click Tools > Archive Settings.

important Important

This command permanently removes data from the CD or DVD. You cannot access the files after this process.
This command works only with DVDs and CD-RWs (CD rewritable). You cannot erase files on a CD-R (CD write once) disk.

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