Restoring photos from an archive

When you back up your archive to backup disks, you might remove the photos from your hard drive.  In these cases, you can restore the photos to your computer. When you open an archive in Photo Backup, the photos that need restoring appear in the main window with a blue label. The photos also display a tooltip with the words Not on hard drive.


important Important

The restore process places photos that appear in the current view, with a blue label, on your hard drive. Before you restore photos, you might want to locate specific photos or arrange photos in the current view. To do this, you can click commands on the View menu.

To restore this

Click this



Entire CD or DVD

Restore > Restore Entire CD

Archive contained on several CDs or DVDs

Restore > Restore Entire CD

Photos in the main window

Restore > Restore Current Folder

Selected photos in the main window

Restore > Restore Selected Files

After you select a command to restore photos, Photo Backup automatically checks to see if any photos in the current view need restoring. If you want to restore the photos, you select options to copy the photos to the original location or a different one. The photos, along with their file attributes and dates, are placed on your hard drive.

After you restore your photos, the photo displays a white label in the main window.

tip Tip

If you try to restore photos or folders that have already been restored to your computer, Photo Backup detects this automatically when you try to run the restore process again.

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