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More information about buying from OnTheGoSoft

What you get

Your purchase entitles you unlimited use of the program, and free upgrades to future versions. You can also reinstall and activate the program again when needed.

Volume licensing

Up to 50% discount applies when purchasing multiple licenses. Visit the shopping cart to see the discount rates.

Purchase process

PayPal processes our orders. When you choose to purchase you can pay with any major credit card, or with a PayPal account (in case you have one). Once the purchase is complete, a purchase receipt is automatically issued, and you can immediately start using the program without the limitations of the trial version.

When you pay with a credit card or PayPal account, the purchase is completed within a few seconds, and your purchase receipt is delivered immediately. Payments using e-checks typically take 3-4 days to complete. Once complete, your purchase receipt is sent to your email address.


Your credit card is entered directly in PayPal's secure server. We don't process this information, and it is never passed to anyone else. We will use your name and email only for product activation and to send you information relevant to the product you've purchased.

Refund policy

A full refund can be issued within 60 days of purchase. If you decide that you want a refund, we will issue it immediately - no questions asked. We stand behind our products and try to provide the best technical assistance we can, to make your experience with the program the best possible.

To select a product and proceed to checkout, click on Buy Now. If you need additional information, contact us and we'll be glad to help.

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