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We'd like to share our experience with you, so we put to gether a few articles. We hope you'll have as much fun reading our articles as we've had writing them.

Program reviews

For our work, we're using a variety of graphics, web design and programming tools. We use both commercial and Open Source / free software to do daily work. We thought it would be fun to share them with you!

This week's program review

GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Package) introduction

GIMP logo

In the market for an image editing program? Don't mis out on The Gimp and see if perhaps it might suit your needs. Get introduced to this oddly named graphics program, see what our first impressions were, learn about it's advantages and disadvantages and perhaps even gain some insight into some of it's very powerful features. Then peruse our conclusions and see if perhaps the Gimp might be the right program to fulfill your needs. Read the full review...

Past reviews

Irfanviewer - introduction and basic features

Irfanview logo

IrfanView is a lightweight multimedia editing program with the perfect price - free! Easy to learn and feature-packed, this program is a must for any on-the-fly graphic editing you may need to perform. It is a necessary tool in the repertoire of anyone serious about their multimedia work. Read the full review...

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Web resources

These are articles and resources we wrote over time.

  • Why backup? A while ago, you used an optical camera and saved the film. Are you making sure that photos from your digital camera are also saved?
  • Some known facts about computer viruses - Your computer is open to virus attacks. There are plenty of steps you can take to reduce the risk of damage due to a virus attack. Making backup will ensure that even if a virus hits your computer, precious data can still be restored.
  • Meet our friends - Visit our colleagues and checkout some other cool sites.
  • See our rating - See what popular shareware sites say about Photo Backup.
  • Website visitor statistics - Do you need help tracking your website visitors? Maybe we can help...

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