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Photo Backup 2.3.4 support Adobe DNG and PSD formats

Photo Backup 2.3.4, released on March 16th 2006, fully supports Adobe DNG and PSD files – making it an ideal choice for professional photographers and digital artists.

Digital Negative is a relatively new photo format from Adobe. The idea is simple and effective – combine the quality of RAW photos, with the information needed to process photos and produce true colors.
Until recently, professional photographers had to make a compromise. They could either use compressed photos with correct colors and white balance, but with compression loses; or they could store images in RAW sensor formats, but without the color balance information. Using Adobe’s DNG format, photographers can now save accurate photos, along with the sensor’s color balance information.

Photo Backup now archives DNG files and produces highly accurate thumbnails for those photos. So now, you can create a searchable index for all your DNG files, and keep track of your DNG archive.

In this release, Photo Backup’s PSD reader was upgraded to support all color mapping options of recent Photo Shop versions. So now, if you use Photo Shop to process and enhance your digital photos, you can also count on Photo Backup to maintain your work in the archive.

To download the recent version of Photo Backup, including these features, please visit:
Photo Backup’s download page

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