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Poll Results: Special Passport Printing Equipment Is Unnecessary

Two weeks ago, we asked our clients what printer and paper they’re using for printing passport pictures.

Until now, 17 people responded by leaving comments in the printer and paper survey page. We summarized the results in a table, to make it easier to skim through.

It appears that people are very happy with photo printers by most major brands, including HP, Canon, Epson, Fujifilm, Lexmark and Kodak.

Many of the comments indicate that they get good prints using these printers and different types of glossary and photo paper.

Also interesting to notice is that many of the people use our Passport Photo software  to print passport pictures commercially. They report significant saving by using the software, running on their existing PC along with their photo printer. This combination replaces special purpose Polaroid equipment, which is used just for printing passport photos.

In fact, many stopped using their existing Polaroid printers and switched to regular photo printers to save on daily printing costs.

In light of these results, we’re planning to make Passport Photo the best we can for photo shops who print passport photos commercially. If you’ve got an idea about how to make it even better, let us know about it.

The survey page is going to remain open to comments and we’ll update the summary table frequently. You’re welcome to check out what others are using and leave your own feedback.

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