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Photo Backup

Are you using Photo Backup to archive your digital photos?

Tell us about yourself and about it.

4 Responses to “Photo Backup”

  1. admin says:

    Hi Steve,

    Sure, Photo Backup allows you to select which folders to backup. You can select this per-folder, or recursively (including sub folders).

    Sometimes, it’s just easier to also filter by file size. This way, if your photo folders include sub folders with thumbnails or with icons, you don’t need to de-select them manually. The size filter will drop all these tiny files.

    It’s pretty easy to do since your photos are typically several Mb large and thumbnails/icons take up several Kb.

  2. Steve says:

    Are you saying that this program doesn’t allow you to select which folders you want to backup? I have folders that contain backup copies of my pictures on my hard drive. I only want to backup the originals. Are you saying that this isn’t possible?

  3. admin says:

    Hi Jon,

    Photo Backup can ignore files by their size (this is meant exactly for the problem you’re describing). Click on Tools->Archive Setting and select the ‘Photo Options’ tab.

    There, enter a larger value in the ‘Minimal file size’. This would remove all those icon files together.

    This should make Photo Backup scan much faster so that you also don’t need to force it to shut down.

  4. Jon Weisenbach says:

    As a registered user, my problem is that there is no way to “weed out” all the icons and other jpg’s that are contained in all the programs on my machine. I am unable to restrict the backup only to my picture files and not every other jpg on the machine (which include as I said icons and such other graphics used in screen graphics ) ??? When I start the pgm. it immediatly starts the scan and if I try to stop it I am unable to do so other than using the task manager to close the app.

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