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Passport Photo 2.1.0 Released

passport_photo_with_textPassport Photo 2.1.0 adds the ability to write text on the photos.

Who needs something like this?

Identity documents, such as driver license in some countries require that names and IDs be printed on the photo. Passport Photo lets you select the position of the text and its color. Text size is calculated automatically to fit the available space.

To use this, just click on the Text Overlay heading in the image editor.

This upgrade is free to all registered users. As always, you can get it by downloading the recent version of Passport Photo from our download page.

* Of course, the text is only added when printing. The original photo is not modified.

8 Responses to “Passport Photo 2.1.0 Released”

  1. G.Branko says:

    Hi Amir,
    This is a 3rd times I am asking you a very simple question.
    Do you know if i can use AVERY Photo Papers No. C2540. (20 per page,self-adhesive photos,size 3.5 X 4.5 cm).

    Rgds Branko

  2. admin says:

    Hi Mohammad,

    I just resent your code using our support page:

    You can just enter your email there and your code will be resent to you. I’m deleting your email from your comment so that SPAM-bots don’t discover it and start sending your unwanted emails.

  3. Mohammad Afzal says:

    Thank you very much for the update. I have downloaded it but I have lost the activation code. Please send me the activation code and oblige.

    Mohammad Afzal
    610 Harrow Road London W10 4NJ.

  4. David Winter says:

    This system works a treat and the printing is also very versatile. It also works better than some of the very expensive photo systems and is less complicated. Ta muchly. Dave

  5. Roman says:

    it wery good program

  6. Andre Vanderveck says:

    it work very good for me, thanks

  7. gerard ter wee says:

    Hi Amir,
    long time we had contact.
    Thanks for the update.
    Q: can you make the text writing also to be used in the margin of a set of 2-4-6 printed photo’s, because we could then affix the same name as we have filed this set in the different archives or files.
    One more suggestion:
    Is it possible to show the vert. and hor. dimension of the headoval ring on the sides?
    This would make it easy to fix a certain dimension for different types of head (child-teen-adult long or round, etc.) in the specifiacation section.
    Again, good to hear from you,
    have a great Holiday Season.