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Shrink Pic

Do you like Shrink Pic?

Tell us what you’re using it for and which browser or email client.

We’re constantly adding support for other programs (and fixing things which break when programs update). If you’ve got a problem with Shrink Pic, let us know.

17 Responses to “Shrink Pic”

  1. Allen says:

    Hi ,

    I just install and test on Outlook 2007, it does show the size is shrink but when sending out, it change to orginal size again.

    (Win7 with Outlook 2007)


  2. Andy says:

    Installed shrink pic on an XP Pro part of a domain, it only works when run by administrator. Does not work on non admin users. Great tool, but would be even better if it works for all users.

  3. Hello,

    I am getting your newsletter via emial. You announced a new Shrink Pic 1.8.0 but no link to download it. There was a link to get to this page where I could let you know…

    In regard to Shrink Pic, it is a really excellent and pretty intuative program to use. I am grateful for it because I had no way of sending my photos because they are all 8.1 megapixels (sort-a-huge).

    Thanks for Shrink Pic.

  4. Ian Taylor says:

    Still amazed at the results of the high compression of jpg’s. Size is great, quality and sharpness are excellent, yet the size of compressed pics is small. What a boon for dial-up users especially.

    Any chances you will be supporting AOL 10 Desktop? It is currently void of pic resizing ability. I advise such users to use IE instead and AOL webmail. Shrinkpic works fine that way. But it would be nice if ShrinkPic worked with AOL Desktop.

  5. Marion says:

    I love ShrinkPic installed beautifully I am using Windows XP SP3 and Outlook Express it works automatically,cute little thing pops up and tells me it has compressed my picture.Thank you this is wonderful.

  6. Ray says:

    I have been using ShrinkPic since the early release and followed your updates closely.
    As a retired IT manager with an International company I really appreciate the software.
    I have passed it around all my ex Army colleagues. We have just celebrated our 50th Anniversary of leaving the Army Apprentices College where we all started our military careers. There are over 60 chaps in our group, spread all over the world and at 70 years of age we all find it ideal for photo emailing.
    Thanks for making our life so much easier.

  7. Larry Andrews says:

    Will ShrinkPic ever work with Windows Live Mail Client?

  8. slumberjer says:

    Great program..would love it more if can support for google crome..

    anyway can you guys develop shrink it for video content…


  9. sondra moore says:

    thanks for the Shrink pic.i am a photographer and i send lots of images to clients via e-mail. i never have to worry about image size because shrinkPic reduces them automatically for me.

  10. Jon Weisenbach says:

    Just tried to install the newest version twice and it crashed both times. Thinking that the old version needed to be exited I tried it again with the same results so I uninstalled the pgm. and re-installed the original version and it works just fine…..go figure. This is on a vista machine 2gb mem intel quad core machine.

    • admin says:

      Windows has a habit of not releasing files completely after they’re being closed.

      To install the new version, best follow this:
      * Make sure it’s not running
      * Uninstall Shrink Pic
      * Reboot
      * Download and install the recent version

      Of course, if the previous version of Shrink Pic works for you, there’s no reason to sweat. The new version (1.7) solves a problem that existed on most Vista machines with IE7 and Outlook.

  11. Steve Burany says:

    One of the most useful programs on my computer. I am a photographer and I send a lot of pictures around by email. Never have to resize anything, I just drag and drop my images in outlook and SP takes care of it for me.

  12. Marijke Hauwert says:

    Thank you so much for the update, it works very smoothly.
    By the way I have Pic Shrink always running and it works perfectly and automatically in Outlook, I just click on the foto’s I like to send and it autoshrinks.


  13. LA says:

    using xp version, loaded on vista/laptop via compatibility option for xp, and xp/desktop. works excellent on all sites i use, forums, hotmail, yahoo mail, all auto shrinks and look just as good as original. excellent program, small to top it off.

    use both browsers IE7 / FF, no problems………………………thank you.

  14. Ian Taylor says:

    Congratulations! Version 1.7 fixed the Vista problems I reported earlier. Good work!

  15. Ian Taylor says:

    Would really love to hear back from you re why ShrinkPic won’t work with webmail systems AOL, Gmail and Yahoo under IE 7 or 8 unless VISTA’s UAC is turned off.

    I do not have this problem when using Firefox.


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