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A handy addition for your Internet Cafe software

Shrink Pic – our free photo resize program – can make a real difference in your Internet Cafe.
Every day, you have travelers, backpackers and business men from all over the world downloading their photos and sending them home. After all, who doesn’t like to share his photos with friends and family – as soon as they can?

Well, that’s very nice, but the upload bandwidth you’ve got just isn’t right for this usage. Too many people uploading Megabytes of digital photos, from Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo! accounts, just isn’t making the surfing any faster for anyone else.

Shrink Pic – our digital photo resize program can make a real difference. Just install it, and you’re done. Your visitors don’t need to do anything special when they send their photos. They can still attach them to emails and send normally, without doing anything different. Shrink Pic detects when they send those photos and resizes them in the background. Now, instead of sending huge files, each photo takes about 100Kbyte – that’s like any other text email that they send.

Shrink Pic is completely free. It doesn’t cost anything, and doesn’t contain any advertisements or third party ‘add ons’. It’s really free. You can download it from Shrink Pic’s download page.

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