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How can I make prints that will last for years?

We’ve get frequent questions about what kind of printers, paper and ink people should use to produce acceptable passport photos. I hope that this post might help…

Q: The passport office requires that my prints last for years and sustain high temperatures. Will prints I make at home meet these requirements?

The quality of your prints depend more the ink and paper you use and less on the type of printer.
If you need to print your photos for your self, and not on a commercial basis, I recommend that you use Passport Photo to create JPEG files and have them printed in a shop, on regular photo paper. These prints will have very high quality and will surely be accepted.

For commercial printing, you should see what kind of paper you can purchase. Quality paper will come with specifications for the durability of the prints. Then, see what kind of ink you need to use with this paper, and select a printer that can handle this kind of ink.

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