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Shrink Pic 1.5 with Vista Mail support

We just released Shrink Pic 1.5, which now also supports Vista Mail. If you’ve been using Shrink Pic on Windows XP and can’t use it after moving to Vista Mail, this upgrade is for you!

Also included in this version is the ability to control JPEG compression quality. This value determines the trade-off between size and image quality. Setting it to 0 would produce very poor images, but also tiny (about 10Kbyte). Setting it to 100 would produce excellent photos, but too large. The default value is 85, yielding good photo quality and small sizes.

You’re more than welcome to download Shrink Pic. It’s completely free.

You probably like getting smaller photos by email, do you? Then, tell the world about Shrink Pic. If you’re running a blog, post an entry about it!

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