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Passport Photo also creates child ID cards

Keep your kid safe in public places using photo ID cards!

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No registration required for printing child ID cards

Going to a crowded place with your kids? Of course you're watching them, but they can still get lost, even for a few minutes.

Passport Photo helps you keep them safe using photo ID cards. These cards include the child's photo, parents' photos and any information you choose to include (such as phone number, address or email).

These ID cards are credit-card sized, so they fit in your wallet and can be carried anywhere. When you need them, just pull out and attach to your kid's shirt.

Printing child ID cards is standard in Passport Photo at no extra cost. You can print as many ID cards as you need using either your own printer or in a shop, like ordinary photos.

Where can I use child ID cards?

People told us they're using our child ID cards for:

  • Airports - if you're going abroad, you can use some translated texts we've prepared.
  • Train stations and bus terminals
  • Amusement parks
  • Shopping malls (especially during holiday seasons)

How much does it cost?

Child ID card printing comes standard with Passport Photo. It's a free feature and doesn't require any registration or activation.

To use it, simply download the recent version of Passport Photo and install.

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