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Applying for a Passport

Normally, you should be able to apply for a passport from your country, either by making a trip to the nearest passport office or by going to your embassy if you're outside of your country.
To make sure your application goes smoothly, and to avoid repeated trips, you should know what documents you need to bring with you (or send by post).

What do I need to have to apply for a passport?

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1) A proof of your citizenship

You must be able to demonstrate that you're a citizen of the country. Residents without citizenship cannot apply for a passport.

2) Application form and fee

In most cases, you can visit the website of your country's passport office and get the forms from there. You'll be able to print and fill them at home. Then, you can send these forms by post to be processed. Below are links to US, UK and Australian passport offices with information on where to get the application forms.

3) Minors must be accompanied by their parents

If you're an adult - you're on your own. However, when applying for a passport for a minor, both parents should be present (and the minor too).

4) A valid ID document

To show that you're who you're claiming you are, you should typically bring a photo ID with you.

5) Two new passport photos

In any case, when applying for a passport, you'll need a pair of identical, recent passport photos.
You can save money by making them yourself using Passport Photo. Before you take your photos, spend a few minutes reading our recommendations for taking good passport photos. Then, use Passport Photo to print them at home, or in any shop - just like regular photos.

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Official information on passport applications

You can find complete information, including where to go, specific requirements and what to bring in your country's website.

US passports - US Department of State - First time passport applications.
UK passports - UK Identity and Passport Service - Apply for a passport.
Australian passports - Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Passport application forms.

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