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Passport Photo

Are you using Passport Photo?

Tell us what you think. We’d love to hear your opinion about the program, what you’re using it for and any suggestions you have.

We can’t promise to implement everything right away, but you should know that almost all the current features were born from requests, just like your!

Want to tell which printer you’re using to print passport photos? Visit the passport printer survey page.

Features we’re working on

Feature Status Version
Add a button to remove all photos Pending
Support duplex printing with mirrored text Pending

Most of the features in Passport Photo came as a result of user feedback. Tell us what you’d like to see in the next release!

And, if you’ve noticed a feature request that you’d like to have too, leave a reply to that comment. The more people need it, the faster we’ll add that feature.

122 Responses to “Passport Photo”

  1. Dmitry says:

    Great program. I used several similar programs, but this is the best I found so far. Very intuitive interface, does everything I need. The customer support is very good. I lost my serial number and they recovered that in a minute. Highly recommended.

  2. Johannes Thiel says:

    Excellent software, worth every penny. Infact I think you should charge twice as much as it is well invested money

  3. Mike H says:

    Have used the software on passport photos, driving license and Visa photos. I also use it for photos of family to put in my family tree programme, have found it very useful and easy to use. Would like to see an edit facility though as UK passport office and DVLA are so picky about background colours.

  4. Basil Francis says:

    Trial version worked well so, I paid for full version. Right after I paid and tried to use the product it wen to hell. The application only printed large photos about 8cm by 7cm. I finally got it to print passport photos but only in landscape mode. Through the ordeal I wasted several high quality pages of photo paper and no telling how much expensive ink. I still can’t trust the program. It reverted to the large photos again the next day. And I am not the kind of guy to make stupid mistakes. It was the application – not me!

    • admin says:

      This sounds like the printer resizing photos.

      Go to Start->Configure->Printers and change the printer setting so that it doesn’t automatically resize (fit) the prints.

      Then, whenever you use Passport Photo (or other printing applications), the printer will not automatically revert to resize prints.

      This kind of setting cannot be applied from within Passport Photo, as it’s not part of the standard printer setup but specific to your printer.

  5. Stefano says:

    In fase di stampa bisognerebbe lasciare una linea bianca o nera per poter ritagliare facilmente, per il resto tutto OK.

  6. I would just like to say how pleased I am with this product. Does EXACTLY what it says it does. Very easy to use and very quick.


  7. Mike Brown says:

    This software is so simple and easy to use, well worth the money. Many Thanks!

  8. Don says:

    I whole-heartedly endorse this program for making passport photos. It is very, very user-friendly, but there is a step by step video tutorial, just in case you want to tweak something.

    Also, I was impressed that the day after purchasing this (for $10), the owner sent me an email to ensure that I was able to get the precise photos I needed.


  9. Debbie says:

    After searching and searching for software that would allow me to make quick and easy passport photos, I stumbled upon Passport Photo and boy, am I glad that I found it! This program is user friendly, easy, quick and the results are outstanding.

  10. Carlos says:

    This software is amazing and I am really happy with it.
    Thank you for a great product.

  11. Kline Duplechin says:

    I was on a very short deadline, and passport photo was a saver. Very easy to use and worth every penny!

  12. Susheel says:

    Hi Viewers,
    This is an excellent product and very easy to convert the pictures into passport…1.2.3 and done. I would recommend this product to anyone. Worth buying..

  13. Murli Rao says:

    Excellent prodcut, does exactly what it says it will do. Amazing price and you have saved me tonnes of money…

  14. Keith Whale says:

    The software did all it was supposed to do and more – very user friendly and certainly worth the cost. Thanks to all.

  15. Nickla says:

    Hi, just wanted to say that this is a gr8 product, especially if you need photo’s doing for visa’s. we needed 4 identical pictures specifically for canadian immigration. we tried photobooths but couldn’t get a white background and after scouting internet we found this. very easy to use, take ur own pic, upload it, choose the specs your needing it for and bobs ur uncle! i saved it to disc and then nipped down to boots to get it printed out. No doubt we’ll be needing to use it again & well worth the money! Just waiting to see if canadian immigration office agree with me and accept the pics sent in! fingers crossed!

  16. haug says:

    Thank you for your interest

    Your software is super simple and very easy to use.

  17. Pedro Luna says:

    No, thanks. I only did change my hard disk
    Best regards

  18. Mike says:

    A very user-friendly software program. The OnTheGoSoft staff is extremely professional, cooperative and helpful. They follow-up on issues to best insure customer satisfaction. Product does exactly what I intended it for. I highly recommend it.

    • Nicky says:

      Passport Photo is brilliant, foolproof – & so cost effective. For just £6.50 I get to make professional standard photos that I can bear to look at. Having had my digital photos rejected on previous occasions, I had been resorting to booths – but needed to do endless takes before I managed to get anything that wasn’t too cringe-worthy. With PP I just took dozens of photos with my digital camera, chose my favourite………& PP did the rest. It couldn’t be easier. And the Post Office approved them under its ‘Check & Send’ scheme. Even if I never used it again, it’d be great value – but given that I will (all those ID photos my student daughter needs), it’s unbeatable. Love it!! (To those wondering about photoshopping the background – why not just make it easy on yourself: take some pics on a white, cream or grey ground & use those? [a sheet hung over a door works if you haven’t any plain pale areas at home] Digitally enhancing photos means they’re likely to be rejected by UK passport office.) Wholeheartedly recommend Passport Photo – couldn’t be easier to use, incredible value & great results. Only thing which would make it more perfect would be an option to prepare & print several sets-of-four (each set a different photo) on the one sheet to save on photo paper. Thanks OnTheGoSoft!!!

  19. Henry Iriawan says:

    Interesting product! It is a home photo production software. Great job. Looking forward for new improving features 🙂

  20. Tariq says:

    Passport Photo is a great program that will save you a trip to the photo studio and a lot of money. If you have a digital camera (which almost everyone does nowadays), you can take your own passport pictures and get them printed for the fraction of the cost compared to what the photo studios charge.

    I have used Passport Photo twice to create professional passport-size pictures more than once.

    One quick suggestion, if you know a bit of Photoshop, you can first change the background color of the image to 100% white before processing it through Passport Photo. Pictures that I have created this way are even more professional looking than those that these passport photo studios make.

    • Andrew says:

      What if you don’t know anything about photoshop? How do I then change the background color to white. I have seen passport photos done on photoshop, but I couldn’t sort it out, so I bought the program and find it very easy. But it would be good if I could get the white background as some of my shots are a bit dark.

      • admin says:

        You’re not supposed to do any digital editing on the photos. Instead, take the picture against a white background, make sure the lighting is good and there are no shadows in the photo.

        When people try to fix bad photos with digital editing, it always leaves traces and photos are rejected.

  21. Sohail Tavakoli says:

    Thank you for your e-mail i can honestly say the package does exactly what is required and produces excellent quality passport photos and is quick and easy to use. Most important thing you can save money and time.

    Q: Is it possible to edit the picture with this software?

  22. Doreen allen says:

    Thank you for your e-mail, it is very good of you to offer to help. the problem was it wouldn’t download. I tried for a couple of hours, but had to give up as I needed to get it done quick.

    I the end I had to send my photo to a website on the internet.

    Kind Regards

    Doreen Allen

  23. Doreen allen says:

    Thank you for your offer of help. I did puchase your program, but it wouldn’t download. I did try for a couple of hours. In the end I had to send my photograph to a site on the internet, as it was a U.S.A. passport photograph I needed quickly.

    Your program looked very good, and I was sorry it didn’t download.

    Kind Regards

    Doreen Allen

  24. Elena Aschkenasi says:

    Neat product! Clear and easy-to-use interface! Congratulations on a great little piece of software!

  25. Gust says:

    Hi All this is a Great bit of software it is very easy to use and it does a great job
    Many thanks

  26. Fernando Tapia says:

    Great and convinient product, I had it in the past, buy unfortunatly I lost my computer and did not had anything to in roll over the instalation. But anyways, I supose that I can do a copy of the downs

  27. Nazry Jaafar says:

    Great software. Easy, simple, and straight-forward.

  28. Raju says:

    This is really great little software and very easy to use. It has all required features to get the passports quickly and easily. Now with your own camera whenever you want, you can get 6 copies for less than 20 cents for which we used to spend more than $10 earlier.

  29. Jacq Hicks says:

    Absolutely fantastic! after care brilliant (IT illiterate safety trainer!) Use it for safety ID mainly for refineries and power stations, much easier than waiting for people to leave site, get photos and return. Many thanks for all your help, couldn’t be easier to use

  30. Clay says:

    Hey I want to thank you for the software ,it’s a great software and it’s cheap. Anyone with a basic computer skill can work and make great family passport picture which can be used so often. I plan to get all my church people to get a photo done with me instead of going to walgreen or walmart.

    People come with their own pictures and I wish this software had someways to change the background color to white by just a chick.
    Some people have pimples on faces and some have marks. If the software had a way to clear blemishes it would certainly help.

  31. Ben Blom says:

    Een feedback vauit Nederland en voor alle Nederlanders die dit lezen,
    Passport Photo is een geweldig programma en voldoet aan alle gestelde eisen v.w.b. de formaten en de optie om de pasfoto te bewerken is heel handig.

    Gewoon aanschaffen!

    Ben Blom

  32. Vladmir says:

    I am using the Passport photo software to make pictures for people unable to pay for the photos to make them cateira identity.
    With this software can print photos for $ 0.30 instead of $ 4 per person without using software. Good software.

  33. Sharon R. says:

    I saw this program a while ago I downloaded for evaluation and was impressed, I have a small business and one part is doing passport photos, I used an expensive fuji passport photo printer, but it has become obsolete and the media is hard to get and does not give a sharp print, but with this program the printing is quick and easy and I can use my inkjet printer for which I can get the photo paper from practically anywhere.

  34. Anthony Stubenrauch says:

    This is a great little program; it makes the job of preparing passport photographs so quick and easy.

  35. I bought it for my business and it is simply awesome. Very intuitive and simple to use and you can customize for any country very easily. Superb!!

  36. Remmy says:

    I bought this for my parents who have a small photo studio and this software is perfect for taking/printing passport pictures, easy and simple to use and the price is also affordable and reasonable.

  37. Peter says:

    The best i can say about this software is, i completed my first passport photo to perfection, within minutes, which to me shows how well this software is user friendly and does what it’s job is, and that is to produce good passport photos.

  38. Vhari Ryan says:

    Am very pleased with the Passport Photo Softwear. Will recommend to my friends. Wel worth it. Thanks

  39. Dennis Colasurdo says:

    A great product. I need to provide passport sized photos every year to maintain a state permit. I also assist a few friends with their photos. This program makes the job real easy to get the exact size photo that I need.

  40. Colin Watson says:

    I needed some passport sized photos urgently and as always in these situations my nearest photo booth was out of order.
    What a relief that I came across Passport Photo.
    It is so easy to use and at a price I could not believe.
    It is great.
    Many thanks

  41. Colin Watson says:

    I needed to get some passport size photos of my wife urgently.
    I purchased Passport Photo at what I consider a very reasonable price.
    The result was perfect.
    The software was so easy to work with.
    I’m chuffed to bits.

  42. Larry Stewart says:

    Thank you for your e-mail i can honestly say the package does exactly what is required and produces excellent quality passport photos and is quick and easy to use.

  43. Ravi Jha says:

    This is a great product and you save a lot. I dont know why these big store want to make money of it but any ways thanks to Passport photo.

  44. B.V. Prasad says:

    This is an incredible option to get passport photos. Once my wife & I needed 4 photos each. I went to a Walgreens and was told the price was 7.99 for 2 and double that to get 4. Paid 35 bucks through my nose for just one occasion. Though I had DSLR and take numerous pictures, I felt helpless when it came to passport photos. This time when I needed photos, I thought I should find a better solution. Found this software. Checked their free preview and thought I would take a chance by buying this software. Used the feature to save 6 copies per 4×6 as image, then uploaded to walgreens.com and got 2 dozen copies for 85 cents! (4 4×6 prints, each for 19 cents). And I have my file that I can upload any number of times and this software for future use. Good bye to the rip off of passport photo services.

  45. Julianne Bockius says:

    This is a snap to use, and would have saved me a lot of time if I had found it before I cropped and sized my photos using Photoshop. Next time I need to print a photo for a passport, I won’t worry about getting the size correct before printing, because this program will do it for me.

  46. Kal Ramesh says:

    Hi- This is good software for printing PP photo/ID cards at home. Its easy and saves you the trouble of going to a photo shop. The sizes of the photos for countries mentioned in the drop down menu seem incorrect. You can always alter them and save them in a different name. A must for every home!

    • Julianne Bockius says:

      This is good information. I didn’t realize I could create and save new sizes. I am going to need to use it for an Irish passport and it’s good to know that if the standard sizes don’t match the Irish specs, I will still be able use the program.

  47. Alan Phelan says:

    Thank you for providing me with a home solution to printing my own passport photos. The quality a of the photos is much better than you would get in any shop where you pay double the price. I have combined it with photoshop to make adjustments to the photos and its turns out great.

    Can I please request that I be removed from your mailing list as I will no longer need any information from you.

    Thank you,

    Kind regards,

    Alan Phelan

    • Julianne Bockius says:

      In what way did you combine this printing program with Photoshop? I used Photoshop to adjust my photos, then used this program to print the jpgs. Is there a way to print directly from Photoshop using these templates?

  48. Gary says:

    Get it and save money its a very good product,i use it all the time. Also get the
    Shrink pic program its very good when sending pictures via email and IT FREE.

  49. Clive says:

    Hi to all this is a good little bit of softwear,it has saved me money when having to send photo Id for different things. Example driving licences job id photos ID cards for me or my family and most of all very easy to use well worth buying!!!

  50. yahiaoui mohamed says:

    bonjour je suis tre compten de ce logiciel les photos son belle mai impeu flout ci il y aver un corecteur de netteter ce ceer bien mai a par ca ces super

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