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CD burning software for high speed recording

Photo Backup is one of the most modern, complete and reliable CD and DVD burning software available.

Burning can be done in the background of other tasks, including Internet browsing, email and word processing.

No more need to manually select files and burn. Now, you can burn CDs automatically. Just select which folders you want to burn and click BACKUP - the rest is done automatically!

Supported burner drives

All CD and DVD burning drives are supported, including:burner drive

  • Original drives
  • OEM drives
  • Internal CD and DVD burner drives (IDE/EIDE/SCSI)
  • External USB 1.1, USB 2.0 and Firewire CD and DVD burner drives

Recording media

Any type of recordable media can be used:

  • cdCD-R: Lowest cost solution for digital archiving
  • CD-RW: Re-writeable media for making temporary backup - can be used to make duplicates of your files on other computers
  • DVD-R / DVD+R: The most popular and cost effective media for high capacity media
  • DVD-RW / DVD+RW / DVD-RAM: Re-writeable high capacity backup, ideal for making duplicates of gigabytes of data

CD and DVD burning

CD and DVD burning is done at very low CPU overhead. This allows other CPU intensive programs to run in the background. For example, burning CDs at x40 speed on Celeron 1.7GHz requires less then 10% CPU overhead.
To take full advantage of high performance drives, burning is done using DMA mode.
BURN-proof (Underrun protection) and OPC are used as default options to guarantee reliable burning.
cpu utilization

Non-standard file names

Files and directories can be restored from the backup exactly, with complete names and attributes. Both standard ASCII and international file and directory names are supported on all Windows platforms. All files, with arbitrary names (including names, which exceed Joliet naming limitations) are recorded and can be restored with their original names and attributes.

Disc utilities

Utilities needed to maintain archives on CDs/DVDs are all included:

  • CD-RW, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM quick and full erase
  • Free disk space reports for all media types
  • Verification of written data, both automatically after burning and manually at any time later
  • Synchronization between the hard drive and the archive
  • Automatic scheduling according to time or new files

Flexible burning

By default, multisession burning is enabled. When CDs are full they are automatically finalized. For incremental backup, only sessions are finalized so that archiving can be done whenever there are new files.

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