Photo Backup Help
1 Getting started
1.1 About Photo Backup
1.2 How to use Photo Backup
1.3 Set up your first archive
1.4 Customizing archive settings
1.5 Tools in the main window
1.6 How to get help
2 Backing up your photos
2.1 Setting up an archive
2.2 Backing up your photos
2.3 Creating an index
2.4 How to . . .
2.4.1 Set up an archive
2.4.2 Add photos to an existing archive
2.4.3 Back up your photos
2.4.4 Create an index CD
2.4.5 Schedule a backup
2.4.6 Rename an archive
2.4.7 Recover archives when your hard drive fails
3 Browsing for photos
3.1 Showing photos in the main window
3.2 Finding specific photos
3.3 Changing the display of photos
3.4 How to . . .
3.4.1 Show photos in the main window
3.4.2 Search for photos
3.4.3 Change the display of photos
4 Restoring photos from an archive
4.1 Restoring photos from an archive
4.2 How to . . .
4.2.1 Restore an entire disk
4.2.2 Restore photos and folders
5 Working with albums
5.1 Working with albums
5.2 Modifying albums
5.3 How to . . .
5.3.1 Create an album
5.3.2 Modify an album
5.3.3 Create a print CD
6 Customizing archive settings
6.1 Customizing archive settings
6.2 How to . . .
6.2.1 Customize archive settings
7 Managing your archives
7.1 Managing backup disks
7.2 Working with multiple archives
7.3 How to . . .
7.3.1 Replace damaged backup disks
7.3.2 Create redundant archives
7.3.3 Scan existing backups
7.3.4 Check for a damaged backup disk
7.3.5 Archive and free your hard drive
7.3.6 Work with multiple archives
8 Menus and toolbars
8.1 Main toolbar
8.1.1 Make Backup button (Main toolbar) Prepare to Burn CD dialog box
8.1.2 View Index button (Main toolbar)
8.1.3 Index CD button (Main toolbar) Prepare to Burn Index to CD dialog box
8.1.4 Open Albums button (Main toolbar)
8.1.5 Print CD button (Main toolbar) Prepare to Burn Print CD dialog box
8.1.6 Settings button (Main toolbar) Archive Settings dialog box Select Folder for Backup tab (Archive Settings dialog box) Setup File Filter tab (Archive Settings dialog box) Index Setup tab (Archive Settings dialog box) Scheduler tab (Archive Settings dialog box) Manage Archive tab (Archive Settings dialog box) Photo Options tab (Archive Settings dialog box)
8.1.7 Search button (Main toolbar) Search dialog box
8.2 File menu
8.2.1 New Archive command (File menu)
8.2.2 Setup Wizard (File menu)
8.2.3 Open Archive command (File menu)
8.2.4 Open Recent Archive command (File menu)
8.2.5 Save Archive command (File menu)
8.2.6 Save Archive As command (File menu)
8.2.7 Enable Multiple Archives command (File menu)
8.2.8 Create New Album command (File menu)
8.2.9 Exit command (File menu)
8.3 Edit menu
8.3.1 Select All command (Edit menu)
8.3.2 Rotate Clockwise command (Edit menu)
8.3.3 Rotate Counter Clockwise command (Edit menu)
8.3.4 View in New Window command (Edit menu)
8.3.5 Open command (Edit menu)
8.3.6 Save Copy As command (Edit menu)
8.3.7 Add to Albums command (Edit menu)
8.3.8 Remove from Albums command (Edit menu)
8.3.9 Rename Album command (Edit > Albums menu)
8.3.10 Clear Album command  (Edit > Albums menu)
8.3.11 Delete Album command  (Edit > Albums menu)
8.4 View menu
8.4.1 Display Type command (View menu)
8.4.2 Arrange By command (View menu)
8.4.3 Display Order > Sort by command (View menu)
8.4.4 Display Order > Sort Descending command (View menu)
8.4.5 Display Filter command (View menu)
8.4.6 Display EXIF Data command (View menu)
8.4.7 Refresh View command (File menu)
8.5 Backup menu
8.5.1 Back Up Now command (Backup menu)
8.5.2 View Index command (Backup menu)
8.5.3 Burn Index command (Backup menu)
8.5.4 Burn Album on CD command (Backup menu)
8.6 Restore menu
8.6.1 Restore Entire CD command (Restore menu) Restore Files from CD dialog box
8.6.2 Restore Current Folder command (Restore menu) Restore Files from Backup dialog box
8.6.3 Restore Selected Files command (Restore menu)
8.7 Tools menu
8.7.1 CD Info command (Tools menu)
8.7.2 Verify CD (Tools menu) Verify CD Contents dialog box
8.7.3 Erase CD command (Tools menu) Erase CD dialog box
8.7.4 Duplicate CD command (Tools menu) Duplicate CDs dialog box Prepare to Duplicate CDs dialog box
8.7.5 Erase Archived Files command (Tools menu)
8.7.6 Archive Settings command (Tools menu)
8.8 Help menu
8.8.1 About command (Help menu)
8.8.2 Help command (Help menu)
8.8.3 Web Site command (Help menu)
8.8.4 Upgrade command (Help menu)
8.8.5 Register command (Help menu) Register Photo Backup dialog box