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About Photo Backup LE

Photo Backup LE, is a reduced features version of Photo Backup. The LE version can be used to backup thousands of photos to CDs, and includes all the powerful search and restore features of the full version.

Features that are not found in the LE version

  • DVD support - The LE version only writes to CDs.
  • Advanced file formats - The LE version doesn't support PSD, DNG and camera RAW files.
  • Multiple archives - The LE version can only maintain a single archive. The full version can handle an unlimited number of independent photo archives.

The LE version is FREE

If you need to back up photos from your digital camera to CDs, Photo Backup LE would do a great job for you. You will be able to quickly archive all your photos to as many CDs as needed. The ability to search, locate and retrieve photos from the archive is a great asset when you need photos from your CD collection.

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For professional photographers, who work with camera RAW files, use Adobe Photoshop to process files and need to make backup on DVDs the full version is recommended.

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Where to get it?

You can download both Photo Backup LE and the full Photo Backup from the program's download page.

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