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Organize digital photos in albums

No matter which digital camera you have, Photo Backup can be your digital photo organizer.

Photo organizing is simple and easy. In one click you can create albums and move photos between albums.

  • Simple and intuitive photo organizer
  • Create virtual photo albums
  • Quickly locate photos using flexible browsing
  • Burn print CDs in minutes

1) Arrange photos for fast browsing

Don't remember exactly where a photo is? No problem - browse and search the way you want.
With a single click, you can change the file arrangement in the browser between Windows' folders, archive CDs, time or virtual albums.

  • Folder view lets you browse according to Windows folders (standard browsing)
  • CD view lets you browse according to the archive discs
  • In time view files are arranged by year, month and day
  • Album view arranges files according to albums

Changing views is done instantly in a single mouse click.

2) Organize photos in albums

Create as many albums as you need to organize you digital photos. Every file can belong to as many albums as you want. Albums offer a convenient way for organizing digital photos. Instead of creating folders and moving files, you can associate files to virtual albums.

Virtual albums don't create any system folders, and when files move in and out of albums the hard drive isn't modified. Also, albums data base doesn't break even if you move files between folders.

3) Collect photo to a print CD

There's no more need to copy files, edit them and manually burn to CD.
You can use albums to collect photos and automatically burn a print CD. Just select an album with the photos you want to print, and click PRINT CD. An adjusted version of each photo will be generated and copied to CD. This includes automatically rotating and cropping (according to your editting).

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